Thursday, April 9, 2009

Newsletter Number 3

April 9 ‘09
How are you going to keep yourself informed of good websites, reviews, ideas, display tips and all the other things that make The Reading Experience happen, you may be asking?
Well here is the forum for this…..

The Reading Experience Blog…This is an ongoing forum for all of us – to contribute ideas, good books, dvds, magazines, websites, to ask questions or just to browse and keep up to date.
You will need to have registered to comment on the blog site, before you attend your training – feel free to use a pseudonym. If you need help, ask one of the web 2.0 experts in your library, or you can email .
The blog is currently in its infancy, but there are already links on there that will interest you.
Tip of the week….Do you have bookmarks with “who writes like” or with genre lists in your library?
Instead of putting them in containers for customers to take, try popping them into relevant books on the display shelf and recent returns so that customers who pick up a book in a particular genre will find a list of other suggested authors ready and waiting for them in the book they have chosen.

Food for thought….
“It may seem curious that youth services librarians, both in public libraries and in schools, do a considerable amount of reader's advisory work and reader's guidance issues and concerns appear frequently in their literature. In fact, reader guidance is seen as a central concern. For some reason, it is assumed that children and teens need help in selecting the right book, but that adults do not. Is this a reasonable assumption?” William C. Robinson University of Penn.

Website of the week…

For Lee Child fans…

Post a comment on the blog if you know of other similar sites.

Quote of the week…
“Books had instant replay long before televised sports”. ~Bern Williams

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