Thursday, July 9, 2009

Newsletter No. 9

July 09

The Reading Experience Training is finished. So is that it…?
Not at all, there’s more! The training sessions you have all just attended were only the beginning of The Reading Experience. Still to come for training are half day sessions aimed at The Reading Experience-kids and teens, two hour sessions for shelvers, and a workshop for the library managers. Also, the newsletter will continue on a monthly basis in the same format with hints, tips, websites and alerts to new things to check out on the blog such as exercises you can do to hone your Reading Experience skills. By now you should be seeing The Reading Experience on your staff meeting agendas. What an opportunity for you to share great reads with each other, new ideas, websites, events and programmes and to share your progress in being out there talking to your customers having that reading conversation and putting some wow! into their day and yours.

Tip of the month…Running out of books to put shelf talkers into because they keep going out? The customers sure do go for them. See what other library staff have enjoyed by visiting “Rave Reads” on the blog:
Then have a look on the OPAC and see if copies are on your shelves. Grab them, put in shelf talkers, put them on display and voila! Your customers will love you for it. (developed from an idea from a TRE training session)
…To those of you who have completed your two compulsory post training exercises, and have received your certificate from Geoff. If you need a reminder of what to do go to:
It needn’t take long – your answers can be brief. Talk to your manager or IS Librarian if you need help. (psssst! Ask them if they’ve done theirs!)

Website of the month…..
For your own enjoyment, and to keep you up with what your customers are bound to be looking at. Have a look at what TVNZ provides on line for readers.
Lifestyle Book Reviews

Quote of the month…“Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries”. - Anne Herbert, Whole Earth Catalog