Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Has it become so hard to find a really good book?

How many of you read this recent opinion in the Saturday Herald?

John Roughan: Why has it become so hard to find a really good book?

What were your thoughts on this article? Do you think we do better in libraries than book shops? Are we up to the challenge?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hunters and Gatherers

Many of you at the training sessions asked for information about John Stanley's theory that customers may be categorised as either 'hunters' or 'gatherers' according to their shopping habits. The following articles explore this topic further. Food for thought!

Are you making the most of your transition zone and foyer?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Newsletter number 8

June 12 ‘09

Writing reviews for our website…….
I’m sure you are all thinking about that book you’ve just enjoyed and busily writing your short review for the new website. Don’t forget it’s your opinion of the book readers want to know … they can always get an outline from the catalogue if they want to know more about the plot.

Tip of the week…Did you know that you can request back copies of the reviewing journals that circulate to the selectors? What a great way to broaden your knowledge of those genres, subjects and formats you don’t read, and keep up with the new authors who are appearing on the scene.
To choose - search by subject: Books – reviews – periodicals

Food for thought….‘When people say they can’t put a book down, the suggestion is that they want to find out what happens next, but I don’t think that’s true at all. I think when we say that, it means we don’t want to break the spell that has been cast upon us by the voice of the writer, and we don’t want to break that relationship, that intimate relationship, we’ve established with another while we’re actually reading.’
(Diane Stubbings, An intimate relationship; interview with David Malouf. Canberra Times, Saturday, September 2, 2006, Panorama section, p. 11)

Website of the week…..
Based on the Book
'Based on the Book' is a compilation of over 1,250 books, novels, short stories, and plays that have been made into motion pictures. Utilizing the
Internet Movie Database as the authority, all movies in this collection have been released as feature-length films in the United States, in English, since 1980.

Quote of the week… “Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures”. ~Jessamyn West