Monday, September 14, 2009

Newsletter no. 11

September 09

Book reviews – a pick of the month….
What a great assortment of reviews being submitted to our web site. If you haven’t felt brave enough to try it yet, just take a deep breathe and write it down as if you are telling a friend. Here is a great example that feels as though the writer is talking to you about a series they enjoyed.

DarkangelReview by Library staff
Date: 3 August 2009
“I read this series many, many years ago and would recommend it to anyone who wants to read about vampires or the supernatural. I enjoyed these 3 books because I became engrossed with the characters and needed to find out what happened next. It was also a teenage love story, not like the “Twilight” series to which I only read Book One and I felt it told the whole story - without having to read the rest!! I recommend these three books to anyone who likes supernatural “love” stories”.

Quote of the month…
“Libraries are as the shrine where all the relics of the ancient saints, full of true virtue, and that without delusion or imposture, are preserved and reposed”. - BaconWell, yes… But helping our customers find a cracking good read is a lot more fun!

Website of the month…
Amongst other things, this site presents routes to books linked to the situations where they might be read – 3am reads for sleepless nights, relaxing and refreshing reads for the garden, familiar reads in a comfy armchair. A great site for browsing which includes “bin a book”. Hated reads and why.