Thursday, February 18, 2010

Newsletter no. 16

February 2010

Downloadable audio (Overdrive) is almost here...!
We are very close to offering this new service to our customers. Overdrive provides the infrastructure and applications to support the down loading of audio books on to a variety of devices - PC, Ipod, MP3 etc. at home. Yes, you will be taken through it very soon after it becomes available, so that you will be able to promote it to our customers. For a preview of how it works visit Auckland City Libraries and click on “quick start guide” to scroll through and find out what it’s all about. For further information you can also explore the Overdrive website. You will hear more about this fabulous new service soon.

This month’s guest editorial is by Helen Beckingsale*……

For the last 10 years Storylines has followed up the New Zealand Post shortlist with a Notable Books List intended to take the place of a “long-list” as produced for some overseas book awards.
The Notable Books list also gives an opportunity to make special mention of books which are not eligible for awards but are an exceptional addition to our national children’s book heritage. These include Margaret Mahy’s Bubble Trouble in new picture format in 2009 and A.H. Reed’s re-illustrated Illustrated Myths and Legends of the Pacific in 2008.
The Word Witch, the beautifully illustrated collection of Margaret Mahy’s poetry, will fall into that category in 2010.
So, when you can’t find any of the New Zealand Post short-listed titles take a look at the Notable Books List and encourage young readers to look more widely at our great New Zealand children’s authors. If you must have an actual award winner or short-listed title go to:

· Helen is Specialist Librarian – Children’s and Teens Services at ECB Library and is a member of the Management Committee of Storylines.

Best Reads…..

This month’s Best Reads have been provided by Sheryl at Albany Village…….
The Love of Her Life by Evans, Harriet
Bridge of Sand : A Novel by Burroway, Janet
The Cellist of Sarajevo by Galloway, Steven
The Husband by Koontz, Dean

Very Valentine by Trigiani, Adriana

The Help by Stockett, Kathryn
Constance by Thomas, Rosie

Assassin by Cain, Tom
A Reliable Wife by Goolrick, Robert
Don’t forget to email your “Best Reads” to Ann Hill so they can be shared with us all.

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