Thursday, November 26, 2009

Newsletter Number 13

November 09

Review drought alert!....

The flow of reviews is drying up. Come on guys, don’t let our website become out of date and tired! Keep those reviews coming – we know you’re all out there reading, listening and viewing, we’ve seen the overflowing staff hold shelves! Just a few sentences is all you need to write. Send your reviews to Kim Sipeli

Other people’s libraries…

Working fireplaces, indoor waterfalls and moveable “clouds” to shade the sun are just some of the features of this stunning public library in Salt Lake City. Check out this amazing library and be prepared to be wowed by the features and facilities the citizens of Salt Lake City are able to enjoy.
” The librarians in this area take great pleasure in discussing your reading interests, helping you find more books like the ones you've recently enjoyed, and introducing you to new authors and subjects.”
Mmmm…That sounds strangely familiar!

Yet another library to visit on the Librarian’s world tour.

Website of the month…

This month you are being taken to North Shore Libraries’ very own blogspot to have a look at the sites included in module 6 of the “Get with it” programme which many of you are currently doing. Module 6 is all about sampling what’s out there for us to explore. Twittering, Facebooking, Blogging… you name it, someone is using it as a forum for talking about books and reading.
And when you have had a look at these, perhaps you may feel inspired to do the Get With It programme… there’s still time!

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