Thursday, May 14, 2009

Newsletter Number 6

May 14 ‘09

The Training is here …
Q: How will I get to know about all the good ideas being shared during the course? There are lots of sessions, and I only attend one of them.A: The trainers are taking note of the good ideas coming from the sessions and these will be shared with you via the blog and these newsletters. They are keeping a note of the Rave Reads you are talking about too- these will also be available on the blog.
Tip of the week…

Displays don’t have to be complicated. Try relating a simple display to a colour, e.g.
Back it with red paper or cloth and fill it with all kinds of items with red covers- fiction and non-fiction ,DVDs, CDs and audio books. It’s a great way of showing customers a selection of our stock they may never stumble across otherwise.
How about MOODY BLUE or BASIC BLACK….? The list can be as long as your imagination

Food for thought….

Take advantage of opportunities within the library for promotion. The library building and its inmates are great promotional tools! Friendly, helpful people are one of our best means of promoting anything the library has to offer.

Website of the week…..
Mad about JD Robb?
Know someone who is?
All you will ever want to know and more about J.D Robb’s “In Death” series.

Quote of the week…

“Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere.”
Mary Schmich

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