Monday, March 30, 2009

Newsletter number 1.

The Reading Experience:creating the Wow!

March 26 ‘09

Welcome to the world of The Reading Experience.

What is The Reading Experience?It’s what our customers experience every time they come into our
libraries. Over the next couple of months we aim to help you become an ace facilitator of that reading experience.

How will I learn to facilitate The Reading Experience?You are already doing it! Every time you smile and greet a customer, every time you find them what they want, every time you put a book on display, you are delivering the reading experience.

Then why do I need to learn more?We all want our customers to consider us the very BEST place to receive
professional, knowledgeable, friendly help to explore the reading world
– and come back for more. You are the “best seller” of what the libraries offer.

How will I learn this?
Between May and July you will be attending a training course that will
enhance your professional knowledge, hone your skills and arm you
with great resources to use.

Who is delivering this?
A team of enthusiastic, knowledgeable and fun trainers:
Fiona Martin, Patricia Kay, Kathy Neivandt and Bernice Sell.

Future newsletters will help you prepare for your training and keep you up to date with information, reading experience tips, resources to explore and more.

So…….Watch this space!

Who said this?
“You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.”

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